Tips to help you choose vinyl storage ideas

MP3s still reign supreme, by vinyl recordings are one way people still listen to music nowadays. In reality, vinyl recordings are seeing a resurgence in recent years. There’s something special with placing down a physical recording and listening to the needle get to work. However, playing a few records isn’t enough for music enthusiasts. To them, vinyl recordings go beyond listening to music. It’s about seeing it and touching it.

Wall frames

Trash that 100m swimming certificate and replace it with your favorite timeless vinyl recording. There are several frames crafted to hold vinyl recordings, but most can only fit one LP. However, some fit several, so your choice will depend on your need and available space.

Create a feature wall or nook

A collection of the vinyl recordings should sit in a spot designed for it. It will be an eye score if it doesn’t match the interior of the room it sits in. Therefore, it’s essential to set aside a corner or a nook to serve as your vinyl storage space and decorate to match the collection’s theme.

Expandable open shelving

If you recently moved to a new apartment and want to begin collecting recordings, you may want a storage shelf that will be useful even as your collection grows. Expandable shelves come with an interlocking mechanism allowing you to add extra units for extra LPs. There are also units designed to hold books, DVDs, and CDs for multi-format freaks.

Wall ledges or floating shelves

Wall ledges are ideal for displaying a handful of records, and you can either go the DIY route or check the Tylko page for their Type01 Plywood storage solution:

Ensure the shelf is tucked away from direct sunlight as it can fade or warp the records.

Vintage magazine racks

Initially designed to hold newspapers and magazines, magazine racks come with a treasure trove of storage options. Pick the old racks you no longer use and turn them into vinyl storage racks. Give them a second chance and see what happens to your interiors.

Record holders

Minimalist record-holders can also be used to hold a few vinyl records. Although they can work with more records, it would be helpful if you worked with less to let you flick through the collection with ease.

Vinyl records should be kept safe and showcased as pieces of art. Creating an interior focal point with a vinyl recording storage unit is a delicate balance of creativity and art.